Year-Round Fun for Everyone!

Bridal Cave is proudly open all year-round for tons of family fun! Experience all seasons when you visit- from the beautiful flowers in the spring, to the gorgeous leaves in the fall! Our cave also stays at a nice 60-degrees, so no matter the season you and your family will be comfortable! 
In addition to the beauty of Bridal Cave, we also offer so much fun to be had by all! Read more to learn about what we offer and how you can have year-round access to one of the most scenic caves in America! 
Year-Round Access!
One of the best perks of Bridal Cave is that we offer a season pass that lasts you for the entire year! Meaning that regardless of the season, you can enjoy the beauty that resides here in the one of the best cave tours in Camdenton, MO
Plus, there's always something to see with every visit! Coming in the fall? You get to experience the radiant fall colors and decorations that we put out! In the summer, you can enjoy the overlook of the lake and bask in that warm, summer sun! 

Different Experience Every Time!
Our cave tours are unique in that nothing is scripted or pre-planned, meaning that every time you come to visit, your experience will be different and more unique than the first! With tons of formations throughout the cave, you are sure to spot something that you missed on your last trip! Our tour guides also have their own favorite spots and will be sure to provide you with some different insights to different parts of the cave! 
You will really get to enjoy Bridal Cave in its entirety when you are able to visit more than once, which is why the season passes are so amazing for everyone! 

Upgrading Your Ticket is Easy!
We make sure that upgrading your normal ticket is simple and convenient! Just talk to your tour guide and let them know that you cannot wait for more Bridal Cave adventures and they can get you all squared away with obtaining your Bridal Cave season pass for just $5.00 more than your regular ticket price! 
Year-round, all seasons, all weather- Bridal Cave is open and ready for you and your family to come and explore! In addition to our underground cave tours, we also offer lots of fun above ground, including mining for gems, a fantastic rock shop, and so much more! 
Make your reservations to explore Bridal Cave and view our season passes on our website,

One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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