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Love Is In The Air (Again) at Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park

Bridal Cave is getting ready to once again host our most anticipated Lake of the Ozarks annual event . Every year, right around Valentine's Day, we provide FREE wedding vow renewals, and couples flock from all over to participate in this romantic celebration of love. (Yes, you read that right ... IT'S FREE!)  Renew Your Vows For FREE! On  Sunday, February 12, 2017, celebrate Valentine's Day a couple of day's early with your spouse by renewing your wedding vows inside our beautiful, stalactite adorned, underground wedding chapel. We will have an officiant on hand to take care of the words, and all you have to bring is the love (and your spouse, of course!)  No reservations are needed to renew your wedding vows. Simply show up and we will get you in with the next ceremony.  Over the years, this has been one of the most popular events at the park. Couples have joined us from 24 different states, and ranged in years married from as many as 60 to less than one. One

Show Caves to Visit in Missouri - Part 2

Our Lake of the Ozarks family-fun attraction isn't the only cave tour to enjoy in Missouri. Last week our blog, Show Caves to Visit in Missouri - Part 1 , featured eight exciting caves full of natural wonders in addition to Bridal Cave. This week's blog continues that look with seven more show caves that help to give our state it's nickname of "The Cave State."   Round Spring Cave (photo from  Round Spring Cave This cave is a part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, one of our national parks located in Van Buren. During the summer months, park rangers take up to 15 people at a time on this 2-hour, somewhat strenuous cave tour.  Current River Cavern (photo from  Current River Cavern Also in Van Buren, you will find the cave formerly known as "Big Spring Onyx Cavern." There is a year-round stream flowing through the tour passage below the boardwalk, and after heavy rains there is a beautiful sma

Show Caves to Visit in Missouri - Part 1

Bridal Cave can be found in the middle of Missouri, aka " The Cave State. " We've talked about the "Show-Me-State's" other nickname before, and discussed the reasons that Missouri earned it. (There are  18 show caves  located in our state, and  6,950 wild caves !)  Today, our Lake of the Ozarks cave tour has decided to share the spotlight with some of the other show caves in Missouri. Cave exploring is an excellent winter activity due to the fact that you can experience nature and the great outdoors, but in a sheltered and climate-controlled way. If you couldn't decide on a good New Year's resolution for 2017, why not make yours trying to visit every show cave in this blog series? January is a great time to get started!  Bridal Cave Bridal Cave We figured that a good place to start would be our very own Lake of the Ozarks family attraction . Located in Camdenton, we have been rated as one of the most scenic cave tours in America! Tours le

Unusual Questions At The Park Lead To Amazing Discoveries

With the wide variety of numerous visitors that we see every year at our Lake of the Ozarks family attraction , we are constantly answering all sorts of questions not only about  Bridal Cave , but also about the lake area itself.  Quite often we have folks stopping by the park looking for answers. Sometimes people simply want to know where a good place to eat is or what other local attractions that they should make it a point to visit.  We take pride in trying our best to answer all of the questions asked of us. As a matter of fact, we train all of our staff to be familiar with the entire lake area and what it has to offer.   Other questions may need a bit of research, like asking us to identify some unusual rock or mineral, or even where someone can take an injured animal that has been found. One unusual question was asked of us by email. This particularly interesting question struck a chord with everyone here, and we couldn't resist sharing this awesome story with our read