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Year-Round Fun for Everyone!

Bridal Cave is proudly open all year-round for tons of family fun! Experience all seasons when you visit- from the beautiful flowers in the spring, to the gorgeous leaves in the fall! Our cave also stays at a nice 60-degrees, so no matter the season you and your family will be comfortable!  In addition to the beauty of Bridal Cave, we also offer so much fun to be had by all! Read more to learn about what we offer and how you can have year-round access to one of the most scenic caves in America!   Year-Round Access! One of the best perks of Bridal Cave is that we offer a season pass that lasts you for the entire year! Meaning that regardless of the season, you can enjoy the beauty that resides here in the one of the best cave tours in Camdenton, MO !  Plus, there's always something to see with every visit! Coming in the fall? You get to experience the radiant fall colors and decorations that we put out! In the summer, you can enjoy the overlook of the lake and bask in that warm, sum

Bridal Cave Venues for Your Wedding!

At Bridal Cave, we are known for a few things- being one of the most scenic cave tours in America , being the best spot for family fun in Camdenton, MO, and for having one of the most unique wedding spots in America!  But, how much do you really know about our wedding venues? Did you know that we have three separate venues for your choosing? We know that your idea of perfect isn't limited to just one selection, which is why we offer three gorgeous venues to choose from when planning your perfect day.  Read about the options you have below!  Option #1: Award Winning Bridal Chapel inside Bridal Cave One of our most popular choices out of the three is our award winning bridal chapel inside Bridal Cave! This beautiful venue is located inside of the cavern and can host up to 50 guests! This venue has been named as one of the most unique wedding venues in America , and for good reason! You will find looking back on the images you take, that the scenery surrounding you is absolutely breat

The BEST Summer Experience for Your Family!

Are you looking for some inspiration for a fun, but educational family trip to take this summer before the school year starts? Well, we have some great news for you! The best family fun trip in Missouri awaits for you and your family! We have so many fun things to do, and we can't wait to share them with you! To discover all the fun that you and your family can be having this summer, read more!  1. The Cave, of Course!  We can't start this list without mentioning the amazing trip that is Bridal Cave! Our cave has been voted the most scenic cave tour in America, and we take great pride in that! You will be led on a one-hour tour of the gorgeous cave system and get to see a plethora of structures, such as, giant columns, delicate soda straws, and massive draperies abound throughout the cave!  Plus, throughout the summer months, ending in September, we offer guided lantern tours! These tours are for the adventurous family seeking some night-time fun! Your kiddos can learn all abo

What Our Visitors Think About Bridal Cave!

Have you been debating on exploring Bridal Cave, but are worried the experience isn't worth the trip? Well, we want to show you how amazing our cave tours are and showcase the testimonials from the wonderful people who have taken the time to visit Bridal Cave! If you haven't been to one of  America's most scenic cave tours , then don't take our word, but rather the reviews of those who have come out and experienced the amazingness themselves!  Testimonials -Rae W. "Awe struck! Lots of water formations to see! I like the group picture they take at the beginning and have processed during the tour; it's available for purchase at the end of the tour. The kids loved the whole experience!!" -Brendan S. "This was fun and worth seeing. We took the guided tour that took approximately an hour. Cost was $22 for adults, free parking. They offer you a picture at the end for $10. Additional copies can be obtained in the gift shop for $10 per. We also did the rock/g