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Bridal Cave's "Bright" Future - Our New LED Lighting

The maintenance department at Thunder Mountain Park has been hard at work completing a year-long project to enhance your view of one of America's most scenic cave tours . Bridal Cave is now the first major show cave in the Midwest to be lit entirely by LED lighting. Finding the right lights. The first step in this major renovation was to test a variety of LED bulbs to find the ones that showed the cave in the best possible light. They had to be tested for physical size, lumens, and most importantly, color temperature . LED's are known for their harsh white light, so the correct temperature of the bulb became a high priority.  Dozens of bulbs went through our testing process, and the winner was the 2700 degree LED bulb. These highlight the cave's already vibrant colors in the most flattering way. One of the guides that have been with us for a long time stated, "I have never seen the cave so beautiful! It is like exploring a whole new cave."    Installatio

Our 2016 Valentine's Day Vow Renewal Event was a Success!

The ice, snow, and subfreezing temperatures of Valentine's Day 2016 were melted away by the love of 240 couples renewing their wedding vows at Bridal Cave .   This extremely popular  annual event at the Lake of the Ozarks  was successful again this year.   In addition to the vow renewals, two couples said "I do" for the first time in our unique wedding chapel after the renewal event.    With the help of the Camden County Road Crew and Bridal Cave's awesome staff, all of the Thunder Mountain Roads were cleared and ready for visitors by the promised time of 9:00 am.  The wintry weather kept a lot of people at home early in the day, but they definitely made their way to us before we stopped at 4:00 pm.       Our incredible staff, packing goody bags and clearing the parking lot! "My husband and I came and renewed our vows yesterday with you. Ed and I Want to thank you so much for inviting us and making our 25th the a most special Valentine's day .

Our Free Vow Renewals are a Tradition for Many Couples

The annual Renewal of Vows at Bridal Cave is happening this Valentine's Day weekend.  On Sunday, February 14, 2016 we will have a an officiant in the cave ready to assist every couple that joins us with saying, "I do" all over again.   This absolutely free annual event inside the unique stalactite adorned underground wedding chapel of our Lake of the Ozarks attraction is popular, and many couples have enjoyed it so much that they come back to join us every year.    "The renewal of vows in February is awesome and a new yearly tradition for us." ~ Elizabeth Pasztor Puskas, 12/17/13 "We have also made the vow renewal a yearly thing.... the people are SO nice there....we have a great time!! Thanks for doing that every year. ~ Kathy Butherus, 2/9/14 "This Cave was amazingly beautiful We renewed our vows in Feb when they did their annual Valentine Weddings, We plan to do it again in Feb 14, 2016. The rock formations were beautiful and the tou

Annual Vow Renewals at Bridal Cave - For FREE!

Over 3, 000 couples have exchanged vows at Bridal Cave , and this Valentine's Day we are getting ready to increase that number.  The annual Free Wedding Vow Renewals at Bridal Cave happen every February inside of our stalactite adorned underground wedding chapel.  Not only do you get to renew your marriage vows at the Lake of the Ozarks , but you will also receive a few great bonus gifts.   On Sunday, February 14, 2016 from 9 am - 4 pm , we will have a wedding officiant at the cave to assist our couples in renewing their marriage vows on the most romantic day of the year.  There is no charge to participate in this event.  Along with this momentous and special opportunity, each couple will receive the following items. Fresh flowers for the bride from Janine's Flowers A wedding portrait available for download online by Lindsey Webster Photography          A goody bag with gifts such as movie tickets, concert tickets, lake area discount coupons, and more! A lifetime