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Wow your Wedding Guests with these show stopping favors from Bridal Cave's Thunder Mountain Mining Company.

  Wedding guests are gifted tons of trinkets and keepsakes throughout the wedding season. From bridesmaid proposals to wedding reception gifts, these mementos are often stressed over and sometimes forgotten on the tables and tossed after all the dining and dancing is over.  Some popular gifts include koozies, shot glasses, candles, blankets, hot sauce, and honey. This list got us thinking, so we came up with our list of top wedding favors that will wow your guests and not get left behind from right here at Bridal Cave's Thunder Mountain Mining Company Gift Shop.  1. Rock Candy - this nostalgic treat looks elegant in champagne glasses and can come in every color you're dreaming of. 2. Custom engraved agate slices. These beautiful pieces of gemstones are a unique and natural way to remind your guests of your ceremony day. They also come in a variety of colors- natural and dyed.  3. Healing stones - do you believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones? - nearly any stone you

Top 8 Reasons to Get Married at Bridal Cave

    Top 8 Reasons to Get Married at Bridal Cave  Bridal Cave has so much to offer we thought we would share our Top 8 Reasons to get Married inside America's Most Scenic Cave. Help us round out our list and leave us a comment with your Top Reasons below! Natural beauty:  Bridal Cave has breathtaking natural beauty, stunning stalactites, and stalagmites. The unique geological features create a captivating wedding ceremony backdrop. Intimate and romantic atmosphere:  Bridal Cave offers a sense of intimacy and seclusion, providing a romantic ambiance for exchanging vows. The dim lighting, consistent temperatures, and echoes within the cave can enhance the romantic atmosphere and create a memorable setting for your special day. Uniqueness and novelty:  Choosing Bridal Cave as a wedding venue offers a sense of wonder and uniqueness. It sets your wedding apart from traditional venues, making it a remarkable experience for you and your guests. Natural acoustics:  Bridal Cave has excellent

A Romance to Remember, Makayla and River's Unforgettable Wedding at Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park.

  River and Makayla: A Romance to Remember   River grew up around the lake area, working at Bridal Cave as his summer job from 14 years old through college. The couple share a love of art and nature, so it was no surprise to any of their friends that they would choose Beautiful and Romantic Bridal Cave to celebrate their wedding.  Makayla wore a gorgeous mermaid gown, and River was handsome as ever in his white suit. Knowing Bridal Cave needed nothing but to be filled with friends and family to commemorate the day, their ceremony was nothing short of perfection. The ceremony was followed by their reception at the Thunder Mountain Event Center. The space was filled with great food, laughter, and dancing the night away. Together they gathered all the most special and intentional items to decorate the Thunder Mountain Event Center for their celebration. The couple cut fresh greenery and flowers from River's grandmother's garden. The tables were decorated with beautiful natural ele