What Our Visitors Think About Bridal Cave!

Have you been debating on exploring Bridal Cave, but are worried the experience isn't worth the trip? Well, we want to show you how amazing our cave tours are and showcase the testimonials from the wonderful people who have taken the time to visit Bridal Cave! If you haven't been to one of America's most scenic cave tours, then don't take our word, but rather the reviews of those who have come out and experienced the amazingness themselves! 
-Rae W.
"Awe struck! Lots of water formations to see! I like the group picture they take at the beginning and have processed during the tour; it's available for purchase at the end of the tour. The kids loved the whole experience!!"

-Brendan S.
"This was fun and worth seeing. We took the guided tour that took approximately an hour. Cost was $22 for adults, free parking. They offer you a picture at the end for $10. Additional copies can be obtained in the gift shop for $10 per. We also did the rock/gem sifting in the running water out front. The kids loved it! Tons of cool stones. Pretty sure we found a 10 carat diamond."

-Mickayla R.
"Visited Bridal Cave on vacation and had a blast! I learned so much about the cave history and formations and was so mesmerized by the experience I felt like I was in Disney World. I even caved in (haha) and got a T-shirt, which, if you knew me you would know I resent tourist t shirts, so this is impressive! PS: there is a penny smashing machine in one of the gift shops!! Pressed penny collectors, check it out!!"

"Bridal Cave is very beautiful and several weddings have been done with the beautiful backdrop of nature's natural Cave. Check out this Cave when you have the time. Bridal Cave is a beautiful local Cave here in Missouri!"

-Joleen H.
"Did the trail with husband, parents, and sisters. It was very educational. Anthony was an informative tour guide - knows a lot about bridal cave and the area. Highly recommend to anyone visiting / locals who haven’t been here yet."

-De S.
"Me and my family really enjoyed the experience. Our guide was super knowledgeable. We took so many amazingly cool pictures. It's definitely a must see while visiting the Ozarks!!"

-Nicholas F.
"One of the most beautiful caves I've seen so far. Are tour guide was very informative and pleasant. Had a nice personality."
Wow! We cannot describe how wonderful these reviews make us feel! We hope that they resonate with you as much as they do with us! So, now that you've heard some of our raving reviews, come on out! We would love to help you explore the gorgeous cavern that is Bridal Cave! 
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One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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