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National Caves Association Convention Hosted at the Lake of the Ozarks!

This week Bridal Cave had the pleasure of hosting the National Caves Association Convention right here at the Lake of the Ozarks! Our friends over at Old Kinderhook Resort helped us accommodate over one hundred cave owners and operations from all over the United States! Read on to learn all about the week we had and we can't thank all of the generous Lake Area business who displayed their incredible hospitably to our fellow caving friends!  You may have noticed several vehicles around the area this past week from caves from all across the United States! Cave Owners and Operators spent the week exploring the area and were able to visit many of the local attractions right here in the Cave State! This past week, they got the opportunity to experience the following outings. Bridal Cave  Stark Caverns  Jacobs Cave  Ozarks Amphitheater  Ballparks National  Margaritaville  Tropic Island Cruises Seminar on Social Media from MSW Interactive Designs  THANK YOU LAKE AREA BUSINESS!  We wanted

🥎 That 70's Tourney at Ballparks National Presented by Bridal Cave! 🥎

Ballparks National opened last fall at the Lake of the Ozarks as a premium facility for youth baseball and softball! Featuring five all-turf fields, the complex opened in September 2020. BPN hosts week-long and weekend tournaments, with teams coming from across the country to compete at this new, state-of-the-art facility. Bridal Cave is a proud sponsor of one of their upcoming tournaments - That 70's Tourney! Read on to get the details and how to sign up!  That 70's Tourney Presented by Bridal Cave! THE INVASION OF THE 14U SOFTBALLERS! We have a GREAT GROUP OF 14U TEAMS coming here on Saturday, Oct 16th! Registration closing has been extended to the end of the day on Sunday, October 10. $300 - 3GG, REGISTER NOW! Here's who is coming: 1. Central Arkansas Bears 2. LOZ Horsepower (Tenacity) 3. LOZ Horsepower (Warriors) 4. Lunachix 07 5. Missouri Vengeance 6. Powerhouse 7. Regal Athletics 8. Sandlot Elite 9. Tenacity Fastpitch 10. Tri-Lakes United 07 11. Willard T

Visit Cave's Across Missouri - Part Two!

Missouri is known as the Cave State with 18 show caves and over 6,950 wild caves. If you've been to Bridal Cave and you're looking for more caves to explore, you have plenty of options in Missouri alone! Read on to get Part 2 from our Visit Caves Across Missouri blog series!  Visit Caves Across Missouri Part 1! #9 Mark Twain Cave  Located in Hannibal, The Mark Twain Cave Complex boasts America’s Oldest and Newest Show Caves. Mark Twain Cave is Missouri’s first Show Cave. The cave was first shown in 1886 and is a Registered National Natural Landmark. Experienced guides will escort you on the 55-minute tour of Mark Twain Cave where the walkways are level and smooth, and there are no steps. Because of the natural state of our cave, it is not wheelchair accessible. As always, boys and girls can whitewash the fence just like Tom and his friends, Mark Twain Show (maybe you can ask him questions about Tom), New Lantern Tour which will take you off the regular tour path – begins Memori