Bridal Cave Underground University!

Looking to provide an educational experience for your group, while also providing tons of fun? Then Bridal Cave Underground University is just the trip you need! 
In this blog, we will discuss all of the amazing details that have created BCUU, and why you should bring your 2nd-8th grade students on this informative, but exciting trip to Bridal Cave! 
Who is Bridal Cave Underground University Presented By?
Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park is proud to announce a new educational field trip for 2022, the Bridal Cave Underground University. Bridal Cave has partnered with the scientists of Esteem Education Co, a leader in online earth science education and technology programming, to bring your class a unique educational program on the Ozarks karst topography.

What does BCUU have to offer?
Bridal Cave Underground University is an interactive educational program aimed at the 2-8th grade level. Pre and post tour educational videos and class participation on lab experiments are provided for your students in the classroom. This 2-hour hands-on educational program includes two caves, two outdoor classrooms and numerous interactive educational activities. Your students will learn about the unique relationships between the surface and subsurface of the Missouri Ozarks and discover fascinating facts of the karst topography of the Missouri Ozarks.

Pre-Tour: After you make your reservation, you will receive online access to two educational videos to view and a hands-on lab experiment for your class to participate in prior to your visit to the park.

Program at the Park: Bridal Cave Underground University is a two-hour program that includes an informative tour of the landmark natural attraction, Bridal Cave. The program continues with a ½ mile nature walk in Thunder Mountain Park, with two outdoor classrooms, where students will actively participate in learning activities. The tour concludes with a lantern tour of Bear Cave that features a special Blacklight mineral display.
Post Tour: After visiting the park your class will be give online access to an additional two videos and a lab experiment for the class. After completing the program teachers will be provided with a diploma from BCUU, suitable for framing, for each student who completes the educational program.

When is BCUU available?
Bridal Cave Underground University is available by reservation only and is limited to one tour per day at 10am and has a maximum of 100 students to ensure the quality of the educational experience.

Where is BCUU?
Bridal Cave Underground University is located at Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park and is in central Missouri on the Lake of the Ozarks. The cave and park are located just north of Camdenton, Missouri on State Highway 5. Our address is 526 Bridal Cave Road, Camdenton, Missouri 65020.
How to attend BCUU?
Bridal Cave Underground University reservations are required and can be scheduled with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 100 paying admissions. Reservations can be made by calling Group Sales at 573-346-2676 9am to 4pm daily. Admission rates are $10 for 2nd through 8th grade students. Adults 13 and up are $20. Teachers and bus drivers are complimentary.

If this sounds like the trip your students need this upcoming school year, then go ahead and book with us online to secure your groups spot at one of the best cave tours in Missouri! For more information about our BCUU program, or to schedule your reservation, please reach out to us at 573-346-2676, or visit us online at


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