Bring Your Group to Bridal Cave!

Did you know that Bridal Cave offers more than just single admissions? We understand that you may have a whole group of individuals with you, or maybe you are a school looking to bring some students out for a great experience of learning and tons of fun! That is why we offer group tours and field trips!

The best fun can always be had when exploring one of the best caves in America! So, keep reading to find out more about the tours we offer and how you can schedule your next group tour or field trip!


Group Tours

Our group tours are truly a time to remember! Whether you are out with a bunch of friends and family celebrating or if you are a team of professionals looking to bond over the gorgeous scenic views Bridal Cave has to offer, the group tours are just perfect for you!

Bridal Cave has been voted America’s Most Scenic Tour, meaning you can anticipate a fantastic time full of amazing sights and tons of fun for the entire group!

Group tours are done by creating a reservation online at our website! You must have a minimum of 20 individuals going, but bring as many as you’d like!


Field Trips

Our field trips work similarly to our group tours. With both, you’ll need a reservation of roughly how many students and staff you believe will be attending, as well as having at least 20 individuals coming along!

We offer standard prices, as well as special elementary school pricing which can be found listed below!

Adults (13+)




Elementary Rates



These rates are per person, and include a one-hour tour of one of America’s top show caves!

We also offer gemstone mining! This experience is a blast for both younger and older audiences alike! This experience can be added to any reserved tour, and each student is provided a bag of mining rough and gets to pan for minerals!

Your students can expect to find semi precious minerals such as Emeralds, Fools Gold, Amethyst, Garnets, and Sapphires! Plus, your students will be able to keep all of the treasures they find. All of this for just $5.00 per person!

When you come to Bridal Cave, you can expect nothing but the absolute best! We consider ourselves to be one of the best cave tours in Missouri, and can assure you that the time you spend here with the people you bring will be a blast to remember for years to come!

Plus, with all of the extra things to do and see, no one will get bored and the trip will be both exciting and educational, as you explore the history, geology, and biology of this famous cavern.

Come and explore with us today by booking your group tour of Bridal Cave reservation on our website!

One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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