Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off Bridal Cave’s Lantern Tours!

It is finally here! Bridal Cave in Missouri Lantern Tours are beginning this Saturday, May 28th at 7:00pm, and we have all of the inside information on what you can expect with these incredible and special tours! We will be discussing all of the amazing details of the Lantern Tours in this blog, so stay tuned to find out all of the goodies you should anticipate when booking!

When Do Tours Begin?

As we mentioned earlier, tours begin this Saturday, May 28th at 7:00pm, so be sure to book in advance to secure your spot! But, these lantern tours are only available on Saturdays, meaning the times that we have are all that we have for the week, so it is advised to reserve sooner than later to ensure you get to experience this wonderful experience at Bridal Cave! Tours will be held through Labor Day Weekend, so once Labor Day rolls around you'll have to wait until next Memorial Day to experience such a fun and special event!

What Can Be Expected During the Tour?

This tour lasts a whopping 75-minutes and details what cave exploration would have been like prior to electricity. 

Plus, these tours are rich with history and provide such insight to the area and the caves themselves! With every tour, you will have a guide present who will be discussing in-depth information about Bridal Cave, Lake of the Ozarks, and cave exploration over the centuries! If you are worried about bringing the kids, we can tell you that this attraction is one of the best for families, as the experience is both jampacked with fun, but also exposes your children to the rich history that surrounds them! Plus, as an added bonus, both children and adults will receive a FREE souvenir gift! Adult will receive a LED Lantern, and the kiddos will receive a LED Cavers Helmet!

How Does This Tour Differ From Normal Tours?

Not only is this experience one that only happens for a very limited time, but in relation to our other tours, this tour takes place at night, plus no electricity, which makes for a completely different experience than one of our standard tours. It feels as if you are exploring a completely new cave!

We cannot wait for the start of the Lake of the Ozark lantern tours at Bridal Cave this Saturday on May 28th! When we say these reservation spots are extremely limited, we don't say so lightly! These tours are a fantastic way to educate and have fun, and they are so popular for that exact reason. If you are ready to book yourself and your family a night of fun, history, and exploration, then look no further than the lantern tours offered at Bridal Cave. 

We can't wait to show you around!


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