Top Reasons to Renew Your Vows😘

We are excited to host our annual vow renewal ceremony at Bridal Cave again this year! If you're thinking about renewing your vows, this is your opportunity to have a beautiful vow renewal PLUS some bonus goodies from our sponsors (all for FREE)! If you don't think you have a reason to renew your vows, I bet we can help you find a reason from the five we've listed below! Even if you have no reason at all, it's a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your love at the most scenic cave in the United States!

Celebrate a Milestone

A milestone anniversary is a BIG DEAL!  It does not matter if it is five years or fifty, it is important to honor your years of marriage. If you are reaching a major anniversary, celebrate your love for one another with a vow renewal!

Renew that Flame

No matter how long you have been married, you may need to recreate the spark that brought you together in the first place. A wedding is such an emotional and lovely occasion, and the perfect way to rekindle the flame between husband and wife!

Include Someone Who Missed Your Big Day

Whether you have children and didn't before you were married or have family members who couldn't make it to your special day, recapture your love one another at our vow renewal ceremony. To help cherish your love for each other and be a part of the new memory, it is important to renew your vows.

Give Your Love a Fresh Start

Many times a marriage will hit a bumpy patch, if you and your significant other need a fresh start, renew your vows at Bridal Cave! We would be honored to help you remember what brought you together and celebrate how far you have come on our special vow renewal day.

No Reason at All!

Do you need any reason at all? If you and your spouse want to renew your wedding vows to one another, DO IT! You won't regret sharing time together, celebrating your love for each other at our vow renewal ceremony.

Details on Our Event:

In addition to our free renewals in our underground bridal chapel, many of our Lake of the Ozarks businesses have teamed up with us to make your experience that much more special by contributing to this event. When you participate in our vow renewals, each couple will receive: 

  • Fresh flowers for the Bride from Janine’s Flowers
  • A downloadable wedding portrait from Lindsey Webster Photography
  • Bacon Roses from The Butcher Shop
  • A Lifetime Pass for 2 to Bridal Cave
  • $10 gift certificate to Tucker’s Shuckers Oyster & Tap
  • $10 gift certificate to MaMa CiTa’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Sweet treats from Higher Grounds Coffee

One lucky couple will win:

  •  An overnight stay at Old Kinderhook and a $100 gift card for dinner at the Trophy Room.
  • One Night Stay at Margaritaville Lake Resort & a Couples Package at Driftwood Spa

Whether you've been thinking about renewing your vows or want to do something run and romantic in the spur of the moment, the Bridal Cave Vow Renewal event is the perfect place! Visit Bridal Cave on February 14th and participate in an amazing vow renewal ceremony for FREE! 

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