Enjoy Your Spring Break at the Lake of the Ozarks!

Why travel a long distance for Spring Break when the #1 recreational lake in the nation is right here next to Bridal Cave? The lake area is beautiful year-round, but witnessing it in the spring allows you to watch a bright new season "spring" to life. 

Right around St. Patrick's Day every year, the Lake of the Ozarks begins waking up for another exciting season on the water. You begin seeing boats again all over the lake and many of the local waterfront bars and restaurants open their doors. It's an exciting time to experience everything that this gorgeous area has to offer.  

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated on both land and water around here. The 32nd Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade on the Bagnell Dam Strip is happening Saturday, March 12 at 1:00 pm. Local residents and lake area visitors all begin lining the streets along the parade route well before noon, ready to enjoy the decorated floats, bands, candy, and beads. Lots of restaurants even offer free corned beef and cabbage after the parade and will feature some great live entertainment later in the evening.

St. Patrick's Day, Lake of the Ozarks, spring
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You can also choose to take part in the 25th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade on the water that sets sail from Captain Ron's in Sunrise Beach on the 34.5 MM. You don't even need your own boat to take part in the fun. Both the Tropic Island and Celebration Cruise boats will be taking passengers out to enjoy this parade. Later that evening, that side of town will also be hosting their annual Short Bus Shuffle with a $10 wristband gaining you access to transportation and a pub crawl to local participating bars and restaurants.

Live Music

There are many places at the Lake of the Ozarks where you can enjoy some of the most talented musicians around. You are sure to find something perfect for every age and interest; from the famous Beatles tribute band, Liverpool Legends, to favorite local bands covering every musical genre.  


Another favorite pastime in the area is the shopping. The Osage Beach Premium Outlets mall is filled with wonderful stores and incredible bargains, all in one spot. All over the entire lake area, you will find amazing shops that carry lots of locally inspired items, many handmade, along with lots of the big chain stores that you love. 

The Lake 

The biggest draw to our area is probably the lake itself. While the water may still be a bit cold to jump right in, that shouldn't stop you from hopping into a boat and enjoying the excitement of cruising along the waterways. Most of the area waterfront bars and restaurants open in March, so there are plenty of places to stop. If you prefer to enjoy the view from the shore, our Lake of the Ozarks family attraction is located lakeside, and the view from our pavilion and many areas in Thunder Mountain Park are purely breathtaking.  

Bridal Cave, Thunder Mountain Park, Lake of the Ozarks

Nature and Spring Weather

The best way to have an awesome spring break is to get outside and appreciate the warmer weather and beauty blooming all around. Thunder Mountain Park offers trails with unique rock outcroppings and spectacular views. If rain threatens your spring break, or if the temperatures decide to drop lower than you'd like, Bridal Cave is right here in the park, and it's always a comfortable 60 degrees in there. Our scenic Lake of the Ozarks attraction is only one of many gorgeous parks that you can enjoy during your spring break trip here. 

There is no need to travel far for the best spring break experience ever. The Lake of the Ozarks is just as fun in the spring as it is in the summer, and you get the added bonus of missing out on those big summer crowds. Consider visiting Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park for your spring break this year. You are sure to find something wonderful and enjoyable for everyone. 

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