Unique Holiday Gifts from Bridal Cave

Christmas is coming, and finding that perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge. If you want to give the people on your list something unique and special, a visit to our Lake of the Ozarks gift shop should be your first stop.  Bridal Cave has an incredible variety of gift ideas for you to choose from.  

Bridal Cave, Lake of the Ozarks, Camdenton MO, gift shop

In Bridal Cave's gift shop, you will find home decor, beautiful rocks and minerals, gemstones, jewelry, candy, and so much more.  There are even some great books and educational materials for rock hounds of all ages.  One cool gift from here just may ignite a love of caving in a child or an adventurous soul on your shopping list.  Here are a few great choices to get you started. 


Bridal Cave is world renowned for its onyx formations.  Onyx is a Calcite formation.  It takes millions of years to form this beautiful gemstone from water depositing minerals along the ceiling, walls, and floor of the cave.  Traditionally Onyx is one of the best gemstones for engraving and cameos.  Our Camdenton gift shop features unusual kitchen utensils, decorated vases, and paper weights adorned with onyx, as well as some amazing jewelry.  


Bridal Cave, Lake of the Ozarks, Camdenton MO, gift shop
There are lots of options when it comes to our jewelry collection.  An extremely popular item is our wire-wrapped jewelry.  This type of treasure is not mass produced because machines cannot do what hands can.  Each one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry from Bridal Cave is painstakingly handcrafted in Indonesia specifically for our gift shop.  Receiving this for Christmas is extra-special because no one piece is like any other.  

Himalayan Salt

Our rock shop stocks only the very best Himalayan Salt products imported from Pakistan, including fire bowls, candle holders, raw chunks, and salt lamps.  Salt lamps are excellent in a home because they are natural negative ion generators.  The unique combination of salt and heat from the lamp causes these negative ions.  The Himalayan Salt attracts water and the heat evaporates it.  Mold, bacteria, and allergens often carry a positive charge which can be neutralized by the negative ions produced from these salt lamps, making it a great gift for any home or office.    


No other gemstone is as creatively striped by nature than Agate.  It is a variety of quartz characterized by its fineness of grain and brightness of color.  Legend says that Agate has a lot of beneficial qualities for people:  improves memory & concentration, increases stamina, encourages honesty, prevents insomnia & insures pleasant dreams, enhances personal courage, protects one against danger, provides a calming influence, and improves perception & concentration. WHEW!  That's a lot to expect from one gemstone!  It is also believed to be especially helpful to people born under the sign of Gemini.  No matter what you believe about it, it is definitely a beautiful gemstone to give as a gift.  Some of the items that we carry are bookends, large and small slabs, and even lamps. 

Bridal Cave, Lake of the Ozarks, Camdenton MO, gift shop

That is just a very small sampling of the wonderful things that you will find when you visit our unique gift shop at the Lake of the Ozarks.  While you are here, journey through one of America's most scenic cave tours.  That trip may inspire you to pick up a few Bridal Cave gift certificates to stuff in those stockings. Enjoy the season, and happy shopping!  

One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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