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All kids love rocks, and the best of us are truly kids at heart.  Recently, Bridal Cave's general manager, Steve Thompson, had the youthful joy of spending some time in warehouses full of rocks and minerals from around the world.  One of the best features of our Lake of the Ozarks gift shop is the wide variety of incredibly beautiful and interesting rocks, minerals, and gemstones that we have for sale.  

Steve traveled to Orlando, Florida to meet in person with the direct rock, gem, fossil, and mineral importers that Bridal Cave purchases our high-quality items from.  Traveling to meet these direct importers lets us hand select every item that we offer you.  

Orders have been placed, and by February 2016, our rock and mineral shop will be fully stocked with popular items such as:  

  • Himalayan Salt
  • Amethyst from Brazil
  • Highly Banded Onyx from Pakistan
  • Geodes from Morocco.  

We will also be featuring many items from newly found deposits from around the world.  These are just a sampling of the exciting items coming:           

  • Rare Black Amethyst
  • Spirit Quartz, Black Selenite
  • New Snowball Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Peruvian Pyrite, Chalcopyrite Pyrite
  • Gemstone Skulls and Masks.  

Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park, Camdenton MO, Lake of the Ozarks,
Amethyst Churches


A semiprecious stone that can credit its beautiful color to irradiation, iron impurities, and the presence of trace elements.  Its name's origin might surprise you- it comes from the Ancient Greek:  a ("not) and methystos ("intoxicated")  Greeks used to make drinking vessels adorned with this stone believing that it would keep them from becoming intoxicated.  Amethyst is also believed to bring about:  serenity, peace, courage, happiness, pain relief, enhanced psychic abilities, and much more.  The Amethyst Churches in our gift shop make a stunning addition to any room. 

Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park, Camdenton MO, Lake of the Ozarks,
New Pyrite Eggs


You may know this better as "Fool's Gold."  Pyrite is the most common of the sulfate minerals, and this name also has Greek origins, coming from their workd pyrites ("of fire" or "in fire")   

Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park, Camdenton MO, Lake of the Ozarks,


Citrine is considered a wealth stone in feng shui.  It has been referred to in the past as the "merchant's stone." Citrine got its name due to its color, which can range from a deep shade of golden yellow to greenish-yellow, brownish, or orange.           
Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park, Camdenton MO, Lake of the Ozarks,
Cobalton Calcite

Cobalton Calcite

This is a carbonate mineral.    It can be found with no color, or shades of white, gray, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, or even black when it is charged with impurities. Cobalton Calcite is sometimes called the "stone of love."  It encourages positivity and dispels negative energy.  

Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park carry only the highest quality specimens at the very best prices.  Semis loaded full of our new inventory will begin arriving in mid-January, stocking our rock and mineral shop just in time for February 14, 2016 and our annual Renewal of Vows for Free event.  We've still got plenty of last year's inventory for you to choose from for everyone on your holiday gift-giving list.  Stop by soon and see for yourself the beautiful and amazing rocks, minerals, and gemstones that we have to offer.    

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