Walk off Those Turkey Calories the Day After Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Do you have family coming into down for the holiday? Bridal Cave will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will be open every other day from 9am-4pm! If your family is looking for something fun to do the day after Thanksgiving, why not plan to go on a cave tour? Read on to learn more! 

It's Comfy in the Cave
Even if it's a little chilly to be hanging around outside at the park, it's always a comfortable 60° inside Missouri's most scenic cave tour, allowing you to get out of the house and into nature without freezing! Shimmy out of that heavy winter coat once you're inside the cave and feel like it's a nice, cool, fall day again. 

Instead of getting stir-crazy stuck inside the house, bring the family here to hang out with us over the holidays. We are open daily from 9 am - 4 pm with Bridal Cave tours leaving every few minutes. The only exception will be that we will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day to celebrate the holidays at home. 

Take a Hike 

If the weather is nice in the afternoon, you can take a hike! As a part of Thunder Mountain Park, we have a 1/2 mile nature trail. Wind through the gorgeous scenery and make a stop at our outdoor classroom, see beautiful limestone shelves, and enjoy the beauty of the Northern slopes of Thunder Mountain Park. There is no charge to hike the trail so you have no reason not to go!

Season Passes to Bridal Cave

Season passes to Bridal Cave are also a great gift that's full of a year's worth of family fun. For only an additional $5 on top of your one-time cave tour admission, you can upgrade to a pass that's good for one entire year from the date that it's purchased. Every time the weather isn't that enjoyable due to rain, snow, or uncomfortable temperatures, you can come and enjoy nature right here.

Break A Geode

A fun activity to enjoy while you are in the park is to break a geode! Geodes are typically round rocks that have a hollow cavity in the center that may or may not have beautiful crystals inside! The "unknown" inside these rocks are what makes breaking them open so much fun! The best part is you get to take your geode home after you break it open in our geode press! 

It’s always a great day to GO CAVING!

Tour Bridal Cave! 

Bridal Cave will be closed on Thanksgiving Day to allow our staff to enjoy the holiday with their families. We would love to host you and your family for some family fun! Tours will be leaving frequently throughout the day - make plans to stop by and enjoy some time with family and friends in nature! 



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