The Gift That Keeps on Giving - Season Passes to Bridal Cave!

 As the years go on, it seems like shopping for some can get harder and harder. Why not give a gift this year that keeps giving all year round? Bridal Cave offers seasons passes and it's the perfect gift for couples, families, or even individuals! The park is gorgeous throughout all of the seasons and a season pass allows guests to capture the beauty throughout the entire year. Read on to learn more about gifting a season pass to Bridal Cave! 

The Gift That Keeps On Giving! 

A new trend in holiday gift giving is giving the gift of a memorable experience rather than material items. Sure, they won't get to use your gift as soon as they open it but when they take a trip through one of Missouri's best show cave adorned with incredible mineral deposits. giant columns, delicate soda straws, and massive draperies, they will thank you for such an incredible gift! 

The best part is becasue it's a season pass, they get to visit our cave at the Lake of the Ozarks as many times as they want from through December 31st, 2019! You may be thinking, "Well, once you visit once there is no point in going back, I've already seen everything there is to see!" This is so not true! We can almost guarantee that every time you go through Bridal Cave you will see something different every time! Plus, depending on the guide that takes you through and the questions asked of them, you'll even get to hear new stories and facts on different trips.

Bridal Cave Through the Seasons 

Although the cave itself does not change, the weather and scenery outdoor changes with every season. We love the changing of the seasons because it brings a different kind of beauty all year long. When you have a season pass, coming back throughout the seasons is easy! 

Our season passes are good until December 31st. 2021 if purchased in December and they are only $5 more than the price of one trip through Bridal Cave. If you are here taking the tour, we are happy to upgrade your ticket afterward. A season pass is a perfect gift that keeps giving all year long! If you still feel like you need to gift something along with the season pass, our gift shop is full of unique items to put along with your season pass. Pay us a visit to purchase your season pass or if you'd rather, give us a call at 573-552-2676!

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