Leadership Camden County – Class XXIIII is Coming to Bridal Cave!

This coming Thursday, April 4th we are looking forward to hosting Leadership Camden County - Class XXIII at our natural attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks! Leadership Camden County is a program put on by the Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce and the University of Missouri Extension of Camden County. We honored that they chose to come to Bridal Cave as part of their Natural Resources Day designed to teach Lake Area community leaders about our natural resources in Camden County. Read on to learn more about what Leadership Camden County is and what we have planned for them at our cave at the Lake of the Ozarks

Leadership Camden County Class - XXIV

What is Leadership Camden County? 

Leadership Camden County is a 9-month program, meeting one day a month, where participants have the opportunity to learn more about our local community, including history and natural resources; state government; social services; health care and education; economic development and tourism; law enforcement and the legal system; and infrastructure. In addition to learning more about Camden County, this program is designed to help increase networking opportunities, leadership skills, group dynamics, team building, and collaboration on how as leaders they can help create a vision for the future of the Lake of the Ozarks. 

During the 9-month program one day a month participants address a specific topic about Camden County. Class XXIII is coming to Bridal Cave as a portion of their Natural Resources Day. Leadership Camden County Addresses the Following Topics: 

  • Orientation & Team Building – This is an opportunity for the class to meet their other classmates, share information about themselves and for developing the team.
  • Leadership Dynamics and Tour of Camden County – The class experiences a leadership panel and develop a vision for Camden County. The group will participate in the True Colors session.
  • Health & Education – Health and education resources are reviewed from available medical services to the elementary/secondary educational system.
  •  Law & Order – Class members learn the jurisdictions and structure of the legal system in Camden County.
  • Infrastructure – The class learns and discusses infrastructure systems in place and the needs in the future as it impacts the community.
  • State Government – A day trip to Jefferson City includes visits with our state elected officials and the opportunity to tour the legislative and executive branches of state government.
  • Economy & Workforce – This session addresses the evolution of the Lake economy and the current business climate.
  • Natural Resources – This session highlights the natural resources in the area and how those resources shape life as it exists today.
  • Active Leadership and Graduation Banquet – The last session will be active leadership engagement with a designated nonprofit in the region.
Leadership Camden County - Class XXIII Touring the Missouri State Capital

Leadership Camden County - Class XXIII Bridal Cave Stop

Thunder Mountain Event Center 

Leadership Camden County - Class XXIII will be one of our first groups to use our event center at the Ozarks! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase this new resource available in Camden County. Class XXIII will use our event center to have a nice lunch catered by The Butcher Shop and also to expand their leadership skills through individual presentions given by program participants. 

Tour of Bridal Cave 

To teach Lake Area leaders more about natural resources, they will be given a tour of Bridal Cave. As a Camden County Leadership Graduate himself, our General Manager, Steve Thompson, will be giving the tour showcasing our cave and highlight the importance of natural resources in Camden County! 

We are looking forward to having Leadership Camden County come and visit us! If you'd like more information about how you can join Camden County Leadership, contact the Camdenton Area Chamber of Commerce at 573-346-2227 tcreach@camdentonchamber. Or contact the University of Missouri Extension at 573-346-2644 or rasmussenj@missouri.edu. If you're interested in taking a group tour through Bridal Cave, we'd love to take help you make those accomidations for you, simply give us a call at 573-346-2676 or email info@bridalcave.com! 

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