Enjoy Bridal Cave All Year With a Season Pass!

Bridal Cave is one of America's most scenic caverns! When you walk through our Missouri Show Cave you will find that almost everywhere you look you will find gorgeous draperies, giant stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, and more! Our cave tours last about an hour and while you get to see a lot while exploring for an hour, sometimes it's hard to take all the beauty in! For that reason, we offer a season pass so that you can come back and see us all year as many times as you would like!

Perfect For Locals! 

If you are a local in the area, a season pass to Bridal Cave will offer fun for the entire year! Great for rainy days, hot days, cold days, well, as a matter of fact, its good every day! If you are looking for a family activity at the Lake of the Ozarks, having a season pass gives you the freedom to take the gang to Bridal Cave several times a year! We promise, every time you go through our cave you will find something new and exciting! 

In addition to taking your family all year, season passes allow you to bring your visitors to our natural attraction without having to pay for the full priced ticket every time. We get a lot of folks that bring their out of town guests to take a tour. There is no need to sit out on the fun because you don't want to pay for another ticket. A season pass is an inexpensive way to join in on the fun with your out of town guests! 

Enjoy the Seasons Change 

One of the biggest perks of having a season pass is you can come back and visit as the season change. There is no doubt that as the season change the beauty of the Ozarks change. Our outdoor attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks is gorgeous during all four seasons so why not come back and visit to see those changes. See the gorgeous fall foliage at the park and Spring blooms because we are open all year long!

Enjoy the Entire Park! 

While the cave is the obvious attraction and the reason thousands tour our attraction every, we have so much more to do in the park! Take a walk on our nature trail, walk down to the dock to feed the fish, shop for the best minerals in our one of kind rock shop, pan for gemstones, or just take in the great outdoors! Sometimes it's hard to do everything in just one visit. No problem when you purchase a season pass. Take a trip through the cave everytime but if you don't have time for all the other activities come back and see us! 

Upgrade Your Ticket Today! 

We hope you get the chance to visit our scenic Lake of the Ozarks attraction soon. After you fall in love with the beauty and wonder of Bridal Cave, we'll be happy to upgrade your ticket to a season pass. Upgrading your ticket is easy AND affordable! A single tour of Bridal Cave is currently $18 for adults ages 13 & up, $9 for children ages 5-12, and kids under 4 are free. (Hours and rates are subject to change without notice.) Once your tour is over and you can't wait to go again, all it takes is an additional $5 to upgrade your one-time admission ticket into a season pass! Yep, you heard that right just $5 for an entire year of FUN! The next time you're at Bridal Cave, don't forget to upgrade your ticket to a season pass!

One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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