Our Reunion was Truly a Night to Remember!

As many of you already know, Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park celebrated their 70th Anniversary this past Saturday, April 14th, 2018. To celebrate this huge accomplishment, we hosted an employee reunion. Wow, what a night we had! This event was defiantly one for the books. It truly exceeded our expectations as current and past employees got to share memories made at Bridal Cave! Our family attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks has been a true success and we owe a lot of that to our wonderful employees.

Reunion Recap 

Our night started at the old German Restaurant at the top of the hill. (We recently acquired the property, look for future blogs to see the plans we have for this space!) We shared memories and socialized over dinner provided by the Butcher Shop in Camdenton. Our staff and Joyce Thompson and Sheryl Murdock worked really hard to decorate the space. The decorations alone made the night one to truly remember! We had every wall covered in old and new Bridal Cave memorabilia. The decorations could not have turned out any better!

After dinner, we headed down to the Visitor Center for a social. During this time streaming tours were extended to everyone, along with a complimentary photo. This was a great time for our past employees to reminisce their time as a tour guide at Bridal Cave. Everyone had a great time in the cave sharing stories and attempting to remember what they use to say on their tours along with the names of each room. You would be surprised how much you remember when you step foot in our beautiful Missouri Show Cave! Even those who have not been employed with us for many years still remember a great deal about the tours. Here at Bridal Cave, we like to say that once you give a few tours it's like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it!

If you weren't in the cave, you were upstairs in our visitor center enjoying live music from Grayson Wood! He did a fantastic job. Everyone enjoyed getting to socialize and reconnect with old friends. We also did a Live video at 7:30. If you were unable to make the event, check out our video on Facebook. We had a few past employees share their experience working at Bridal Cave.

Special Thanks To: 

  • The Butcher Shop in Camdenton, Mo for providing the food. It was EXCELLENT! 
  • Lake Party Rental for the tables and chairs 
  • Janine's Flowers for the floral arrangements 
  • Joyce Thompson & Sheryl Murdock for decorating 
  • Chasiti Begley for doing the LIVE Facebook video 
  • Our General Manager, Steve Thompson, for planning and hosting this outstanding night! 
  • And last but not least the current staff for all their hard work in making the reunion event happen! We have an amazing staff and this event would not be possible without them! 

We Want your Photos! 

We got a lot of photos from our reunion, but we want all the photos you took as well! We hope you had a great time visiting with old and new friends. Any photos that you took, please post to our Facebook page. We had a lot of people request copies of the photos from our slideshow. We posted these to photos to an album on our Facebook page, please feel free to save and print any and all that you want! 

Overall, our event was a huge success! We had employees from every decade represented from 1950 to present. Guests came from as far as Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado. We had a great night of memories and catching up. We hope to be able to have another reunion in the future. Our past and present employees are what makes us able to continue to show our family attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks. This past 70 year has been great and we look forward to staying in business for 70+ more years as a family-owned business!

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