Visitors in the Park!

Here at Bridal Cave, we are pretty accustomed to having some great visitors come into our cave! However, this past week we have had some especially great visitors tour our Lake of the Ozarks outdoor attraction! From filming on behalf of the Oklahoma Geological Foundation to helping our fellow cave friends at Onondaga Cave in Leasburg, Missouri, it has been a busy week at Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park! Read today's blog to learn about what's been going on in the park this week.

Filming in Our Cave! 

This past week  we were honored to have Todd Kent do filming in the cave for the interactive earth science video project for public schools called "Every Day Earth." Todd Kent is working on behalf of the Oklahoma Geological Foundation, a non-profit corporation, to create a video based earth science curriculum for public schools.

About Every Day Earth 

With the increase in technology, kids are using technology more and more. In fact, most kid's today would rather use iPads, computers, and video games than playing outside in the dirt. Kids are not in tune with nature like they use to be. What does this mean for our world with critical issues like climate change, our use of natural resources, earthquakes, and other natural hazards? The Oklahoma Geological Foundation is worried that the adults of tomorrow will not know how to deal with these issues. That's why they set out to create an exciting program called, "Every Day Earth" to provide a program that will engage students with a program to help bridge the gap between memorizing facts and having learning experiences. 

They combine videos and hands-on experience to learn from real earth scientists! This program is easily integrated into classrooms and helps teachers teach about earth science! Bridal Cave is honored to be apart of this outstanding project! We hope that our Missouri Show Cave can help provide great hands-on learning to students! We think it is so important for kids to learn about geology, especially in this technology driven world we live in today. If you want to learn more about this amazing program, visit their website!  

Photo Credit: Oklahoma Geology Foundation Every Day Earth 

Also Visiting this Week 

Barry D. Freiner, P.E. Rogers-Schmidt Engineering Co., P.C. and a crew from Onondaga Cave  

Barry is the project manager for the Design firm that is working on an electrical infrastructure upgrade project at the Onondaga Cave in Leasburg, Missouri. As part of this project, Onondaga Cave will be upgrading the existing incandescent lighting fixtures to LED fixtures. Bridal Cave has a lighting control system with which interpreters/tour guides use remotes to control the lights during tours. This system is of particular interest to the design team. Their “behind the scenes tour” showed all aspects of the new LED lighting and the remote control system that operates it. 

Bridal Cave was honored to have these great visitors come this week. Anytime we have the opportunity to help other organizations promote the outdoors and geology, we want to help in any way that we can. We can't wait to see the outcome from Every Day Earth! We also want to thank our friends from Onondaga Cave for their interest in our LED and remote control lightening system. We love being able to share what we are doing in our Missouri Show Cave to help others improve their cave tours. We always welcome unique visitors in our cave, and we will be sure to share with you any other visitors that tour our cave in future blogs!

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