We Need YOUR Photos!

Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park is getting ready to celebrate their 70th year in business! Over the past 70 years, millions of guests have gone through our beautiful Lake of the Ozarks scenic family attraction. Since 1948, we have had thousands of employees help take our guest on an underground adventure they will never forget. Without these wonderful employees, Bridal Cave would not be the success is it today, and for that, we want to say THANK YOU! To celebrate our 70th anniversary, Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park is hosting a Tour Guide Reunion this April!

Send Us Your Photos!

In order to prepare for our great big, exciting, reunion and 70th-year anniversary, we need your help! Bridal Cave needs your photos! We would love to see any photos you have, whether you are a current employee or past employee. We want photos from all past employees, not just tour guides. You may have been selling tickets or keeping up with the maintenance of the grounds, and we want those photos too! Please send all of your photos to Steve@bridalcave.com. We can't wait to see what memories you find!

Pictured: Left- Chasiti Begley Top Right- Jamie Reid & Lindsey Webster  Bottom Right- Leonard Stevenson 

Chasiti worked for Bridal Cave through high school and college during her breaks as our photographer.
Lindsey has worked for us for 16+ years! She wears many hats in our company and continues to be a great asset to our team! 
Jamie worked for us in her early 20's for a couple years. Bridal Cave was a memorable job for her, so she has since joined our team 5 years ago and is a great addition to our team. If you need a good laugh during the day, Jamie is the girl to go to! 
Leonard retired from the military and worked for Bridal Cave after retirement for 20 years! Leonard was great with the kids and many guests that come visit us still ask about the gentleman that worked in the bottom shop.  

Employees From the Past 

If you are a past employee, you know working for us is a job you will never forget. From getting to showcase our scenic cave tour every day, meeting thousands of guests from all around the world, and working with some of the best crews around! Many of our past employee's say that Bridal Cave was one of their favorite jobs they've ever had. Whether you worked here as your first job during high school, worked your way through college during breaks, retired and needed something to fill your time in the summer months, or worked to support your families, you still hold a special place in our hearts. That's why we want your photos! Bridal Cave has been fortunate enough to expand and grow our business tremendously since 1948, and we want to go back in time and share in all the memories we have made over the past 70 years.

If you've worked at Bridal Cave, you know that it is a team effort! This is a picture of our staff in 2012 doing a team-building exercise. 

Pictured: Left- George Denny Jr. Right- Steve Thompson 

In the early 90's we were curious to know even more about Mystery Lake, so our General Manager, Steve Thompson, sent George Denny Jr. to do some more investigation. 

1979 Bridal Cave Volleyball Team 

Picture: Left- Linda Mueller Right- Shannon Stewart 

Working at Bridal Cave isn't just about work day in and day out. At Bridal Cave, it is not uncommon to build life-long friendships! Shannon and Linda worked for us many years, and are still great friends today.   

Come to Our Reunion! 

On Saturday, April 14th, 2018 we will be hosting a tour guide reunion to commemorate our 70th year in business! Complimentary tours will be extended to past employees and their families from 9 am-5 pm. After the park is closed to the public for the evening, we will have an employee social from 6-9. Bridal Cave will provide food, beverages, and entertainment! All you need to bring is yourself and all your great stories from the past! We hope to see you there, as it will be a great opportunity to meet past and present employees!

Pictured: Left- Dawn Medley Right- Candi Sanders 
This picture was taken in 2002, working hard selling tickets! 

Please send all of your photo's to Steve@bridalcave.com. We look forward to viewing all the photos you send our way! Your photos will truly make our 70th-anniversary one to remember as we celebrate and reminisce about the past with all of you. Don't forget to mark your calendars for April 14th for the reunion, we are looking forward to visiting with everyone!

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