Unusual Questions At The Park Lead To Amazing Discoveries

With the wide variety of numerous visitors that we see every year at our Lake of the Ozarks family attraction, we are constantly answering all sorts of questions not only about Bridal Cave, but also about the lake area itself. 

Quite often we have folks stopping by the park looking for answers. Sometimes people simply want to know where a good place to eat is or what other local attractions that they should make it a point to visit. We take pride in trying our best to answer all of the questions asked of us. As a matter of fact, we train all of our staff to be familiar with the entire lake area and what it has to offer. 

Other questions may need a bit of research, like asking us to identify some unusual rock or mineral, or even where someone can take an injured animal that has been found. One unusual question was asked of us by email. This particularly interesting question struck a chord with everyone here, and we couldn't resist sharing this awesome story with our readers. It's about an old house that existed before the Lake of the Ozarks was even formed. 

The photos and information about them that are featured in this blog were provided by the question-asker, Tim Helton. He was happy to give us his permission to share the information with all of you.      

Hey Folks,
This is a bit of a long shot but thought I’d throw it out there.

My mother in law lived in this stone house (see picture) that was “somewhere” in the Camdenton, Linn Creek, Ha Ha Tonka end of the lake. She cannot remember where, and the house may now be torn down - but just wondered if anyone there recognized it and might know where it is?
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

After sharing the photo with our Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park staff, our general manager, Steve Thompson, immediately recognized the old house! It actually is a home that Steve has been fond of for years. Turns out, it is located just downstream from the cave on the 8 mile maker of the Big Niangua Arm of the Lake of the Ozarks. 

We replied to Tim with what we thought was the location of the house, and sure enough, the place that Steve had in mind turned out to be the family homestead that they were looking for! 

Tim wrote back to us, providing some history about the old home, as well as the pictures featured in this blog, which were all provided by his mother-in-law, Sally Raines Henderson. The house still stands straight across the lake from Clearwater Condos around the 8MM of the Big Niangua Arm of the lake.

Another view of the old house. 

Young Sally with her mother, Gladys Mary Wells Raines, near Ha Ha Tonka before the castle caught fire. 

According to Tim, Sally's father, William Maurice Raines, was apparently one of the attorneys working for a firm out of St. Louis that was retained by Union Electric to help secure land rights so they could dam the rivers and create the Lake of the Ozarks. 

The old house as it stands today!

The house is still standing, now a type of a historical marker built in 1926, reminding us of a time long ago that took place in our familiar surroundings near Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park. We want to send a special thank you out to Tom for bringing this to our attention, and also to his family for sharing the wonderful photos and facts with all of us. If you happen to have a question that needs answering, ask it. You never know just who may have the answer that you are looking for.     

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