Our Free Vow Renewals are a Tradition for Many Couples

The annual Renewal of Vows at Bridal Cave is happening this Valentine's Day weekend.  On Sunday, February 14, 2016 we will have a an officiant in the cave ready to assist every couple that joins us with saying, "I do" all over again.  

This absolutely free annual event inside the unique stalactite adorned underground wedding chapel of our Lake of the Ozarks attraction is popular, and many couples have enjoyed it so much that they come back to join us every year.   

"The renewal of vows in February is awesome and a new yearly tradition for us."
~ Elizabeth Pasztor Puskas, 12/17/13

"We have also made the vow renewal a yearly thing.... the people are SO nice there....we have a great time!! Thanks for doing that every year.
~ Kathy Butherus, 2/9/14

"This Cave was amazingly beautiful We renewed our vows in Feb when they did their annual Valentine Weddings, We plan to do it again in Feb 14, 2016. The rock formations were beautiful and the tour guide was very knowledgeable."
~ Rhonda S, 5/8/15

Many happy couples make their way to our Lake of the Ozarks wedding vow renewals.  Last week's blog gave the incredible details about all of the wonderful free gifts that each couples receives, including a lifetime pass to Bridal Cave so they can come back and visit us any time that they like.

Bridal Cave opened to the public in 1964 as a show cave.  The name came about because of an old Native American legend attached to the cave about a wedding that happened here.  That story is told during each tour.  

Although there were never any original plans to perform weddings in the cave, people began calling and asking to be wed there, inspired by the legend and the cave's natural beauty.  On June 1, 1949, Mr. & Mrs. Basil Cole from Sedalia, MO become the first couple (in modern times) to use the cave as a wedding chapel. 

Bridal Cave, Lake of the Ozarks, weddings, vow renewals

To date, Bridal Cave has set a world record for the most underground weddings by marrying 3,053 couples.  Almost all 50 states have been represented, as well as 8 foreign countries.      

"Love love love. Renewal of our wedding vows was lovely. Package included a bouquet of flowers, professional photographer and a lifetime pad to the cave, which is a spectacular jewel of nature. The ceremony was perfect. They do this every year around Valentine's Day. Check it out if you are in the area."
~ Linda Hartman Kersten, 2/8/15

Renew Your Vows each February, AWESOME
"Staff is EXCELLENT, we renewed our vows, had a great time, brides get free bouquets, many couples there, ceremony outstanding. I was really impressed."
~ Lake_Food_Detecitve, 5-28-15

A Special Place
"Bridal Cave is one of those special places you'll want to come back to over and over. Every year around Valentines Day, they offer a free ceremony to renew your marriage vows. Along with the ceremony, each couple receives some free chocolates, a bouquet, some coupons for some local restaurants, and a free lifetime pass to Bridal Cave.My wife and I have decided to renew our vows every year. We have also been back to take the full tour of the cave. It's quite a cave with a long, interesting history. You can also purchase all kinds of crystals, minerals and semi precious gems. You can even purchase a bag of 'dirt' and pan through it in the sluice in front of the cave. A great time for the kids and the parents. Well worth a visit."
Johnlm63, 9/19/15

We invite all married couples that are in the mid-Missouri area this Valentine's Day to join us for our annual free Renewal of Vows at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Simply show up at Bridal Cave between 9 am - 4 pm, ready to tie the knot one more time.  Hopefully you will be like many of our couples and this will become a romantic annual tradition for you too.

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