Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our 2016 Valentine's Day Vow Renewal Event was a Success!

The ice, snow, and subfreezing temperatures of Valentine's Day 2016 were melted away by the love of 240 couples renewing their wedding vows at Bridal Cave.  This extremely popular annual event at the Lake of the Ozarks was successful again this year.  In addition to the vow renewals, two couples said "I do" for the first time in our unique wedding chapel after the renewal event.  

 With the help of the Camden County Road Crew and Bridal Cave's awesome staff, all of the Thunder Mountain Roads were cleared and ready for visitors by the promised time of 9:00 am.  The wintry weather kept a lot of people at home early in the day, but they definitely made their way to us before we stopped at 4:00 pm.      

Our incredible staff, packing goody bags and clearing the parking lot!

"My husband and I came and renewed our vows yesterday with you. Ed and I Want to thank you so much for inviting us and making our 25th the a most special Valentine's day . The staff made me feel like a young bride all over again. The ceremony was perfect!! As we said our vows, I felt like I did 25 years ago saying them for the first time full of love and joy. Thank God for this beautiful cave and thank you the staff of Bridal Cave, for using Gods gift in such a special way on Valentines. Thanks!"  ~Donna Madewell

Fun Facts for 2016

This year our annual wedding vow renewals at the Lake of the Ozarks assisted 240 couples in saying their vows to each other all over again.  That was only 5 short of last year's record, but we'll blame the weather for that!  Here are a few more interesting statistics from our 2016 event.  

  • 240 couples renewed their vows.
  • 5 of those couples were originally married on Valentine's Day.
  • Our newest couple had been married for 9 months.
  • Our longest-married couple first said their vows 60 years ago.
  • 7 states were represented, the furthest traveling from Louisville, KY.  

Every couple went home with a goody bag full of treats and discounts from lake area businesses.  The extra flowers that we had left over were donated to area nursing homes and hospitals.  Bridal Cave spread a lot of love this Valentine's Day!

"We celebrated our 25th on Dec 18th, but looked forward to renewing our vows yesterday. We renewed our 20 year anniversary as well with Bridal Cave. It is such a wonderful event, our grandson was with us and at age 6 he was mesmerized with the cave. He is ready to take a whole tour he said . We will be back soon, thank you for such a wonderful memory." ~ Brenda Keller

Thank you to all of the couples that braved the cold weather and joined us for this amazing annual event at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Our scenic cave in mid-Missouri is a beautiful and romantic place to say "I do," so much so, that many of our couples come back year after year.  If you are lucky enough to be married to your true love, make plans now to join us for our vow renewals in 2017 at Bridal Cave.    

One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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