Bridal Cave is a Great Field Trip for Kids

A tour of Bridal Cave is a field trip that is sure to excite any classroom full of students.  Missouri is know as the Cave State, and mid-Missouri children are very close to one of the most scenic cave tours in America.  No matter what the age, every child should have a chance to experience Bridal Cave and learn more about the magnificent natural wonders contained within.  Our tours can be adapted to fit any age group, and every program explores the history, geology, and biology of this very unique ecosystem.   

Thousands of school age children visit our Lake of the Ozarks attraction every year.  The winter months are a great time to schedule a field trip.  Kids start to feel cooped up when they get fewer chances to be outdoors during the cold months.  Bridal Cave gives them the chance to get out of the classroom, enjoy nature, and get a little exercise in our constant 60 degree temperatures inside the cave.   

We are a very popular destination for end-of-the-year field trips, so visiting now is a perfect way to avoid the crowds.  Reserving your slot as soon as possible will guarantee that you are booked for the date and times that are best for your group.

Even if your school, scout troop, or other children's group has a tight budget, our tours are offered at an inexpensive price.  The 1-hour cave tour starts at $4 per child.  This is over 55% off of our regular general admission child's ticket, which is normally $9.  As a special thank you for bringing your children to experience the wonders of Bridal Cave, teachers and bus drivers take the tour for free.

If your kids are up for more of an adventure, we also offer the 2-hour fun and educational Discovery Tour.  In addition to learning more about this magnificent area, cave safety will be discussed.  With this tour the students will enjoy:
Bridal Cave, Thunder Mountain Park, Lake of the Ozarks, sluicing
  • 1-hour tour of Bridal Cave
  • A half-mile nature walk through Thunder Mountain Park, which passes  2 outdoor classrooms.
  • Tour of Bear Cave, which has been left in its natural state to give students a taste of a true wild caving adventure. 
  • A souvenir flashlight for Bear Cave which they can take home. 
Thunder Mountain Park's rock and mineral shop gives everyone a chance to see some very unique specimens from around the world.  Thunder Mountain Mining Company even offers some hands-on sluicing, where the kids can "pan" for gemstones and keep what they find.  This activity is an extra $5 per child.  We also take a group photo of all of the field trips that come through our cave, and it is available for purchase after the program.

2016 is bringing some new and exciting things to our family attraction.  A brand new lakeside picnic pavilion with seating for 80 is available.  It overlooks the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, perfect for a quick lunch or snack break before you head back to school.

Bridal Cave, Lake o f the Ozarks, Thunder Mountain Park

If you are in charge of a group of children that you know would enjoy learning more about caves and the natural wonders of our Lake of the Ozarks family attraction, call and reserve your field trip spot today.  If you are a parent, share this blog with your child's teacher.  A field trip to Bridal Cave that is both exciting and educational is an experience your group will always remember fondly.      

One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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