Reasons to Put Bridal Cave on Your Must Visit List this Spring Break

Whether you have never been to a cave before, or you have been to several, Bridal Cave is a must-see attraction at Lake of the Ozarks! In fact, it has been rated as one of the most scenic caves in America. Located at Thunder Mountain it provides a year-round opportunity to enjoy nature, see out of this world scenery, and learn some cool things too! If you are looking for some fun spring break activities at Lake of the Ozarks, keep reading this blog to hear 5 reasons you will want to put Bridal Cave, Lake of the Ozarks on your list.

The kids will be excited to go!

Your family can be excited and looking forward to their adventures at the cave long before they arrive. There is a “Kids Only” tab on our website that opens the door to a bunch of fun learning for your kids. It will answer questions like do rocks grow? What’s it like in the cave? What kind of life is in the cave? It also will teach about cave safety, and more! There’s even a fun experiment that you can conduct that demonstrates how mountains and rocks can get worn down. By the time your kids get to the cave at Lake of the Ozarks, they will be so curious to see real life examples of everything they read about on the online Discovery Tour.


It is not weather dependent.

You don’t have to keep an eye on the radar and make sure the weather will be cooperating when you make plans to come to Bridal Cave. Even if it’s cold or rainy, the cave will be just as comfortable as ever. With the flexible hours, it is easy to fit around your schedule and other things to do at Lake of the Ozarks. Guided tours leave every few minutes from 9 AM to 5 PM and last about an hour. 

The tour guides are awesome!

Your guide will lead you and your family through each room as they explain the unique features or history behind everything you’re seeing. You will walk along concrete pathways and see beautifully illuminated mineral deposits. You will literally be witnessing millions of years of struggle between water and rock that have created Bridal Cave. Is definitely a family adventure you’ll never forget.

The cave has amazingly unique features.

There’s a reason that Bridal Cave has been rated one of the most scenic caves in America. It has a variety of notable formations including giant columns, delicate soda straws, and massive draperies. This cave has been created with more onyx formations than any other known cave or cavern. And more has been discovered since what was first known. In recent years, ongoing exploration has uncovered chambers in the cave that now allows us to see the beautiful crystal-clear waters of Mystery Lake! It took two years of development to reveal the passages that were once just a rumor. Now you can experience the turquoise waters and feel the intrigue of seeing a lake sitting below you inside the earth.


It is not just the cave. 

Bridal Cave sits on Thunder Mountain at Lake of the Ozarks which includes much more than just the cave. Near the entrance of the cave, you will walk through an incredible gift shop and the Thunder Mountain Mining Company. It is a paradise for rockhounds of all ages where you can find gifts, jewelry, fossils, gems and minerals at Lake of the Ozarks. There’s also the lakeside viewing decks, nature trails, picnic areas, the public boat dock, the observation tower, snack center, etc. You can even do some gemstone mining where you pan for semi-precious minerals and get to keep all the treasures you find!

Come Experience Bridal Cave!

We know Bridal Cave is a hit with families as we see them enjoy it by the thousands year after year. Just check out some of the testimonials on our website! But fair warning, you just may like it so much you will want to make it a yearly tradition. If you live nearby, ask about our season ticket rates! We hope you have a fabulous spring break as we look forward to hitting off the 2022 season. We can’t wait to see you at Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park! If you would like to hear more about fun things to do around the lake, don’t forget to follow us on social media! You can use the links to our channels below.

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