PRESS RELEASE - Loving Bridal Cave Couples Help Local Food Banks

We held our Annual Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies inside Bridal Cave and we had a fabulous turnout this February! It was a wonderful day filled with happy couples and wedding bells! Our hard work paid off, and thanks to our generous couples, we were able to donate food and a cash donation to the Eldon Food Pantry! Read on to find out how many couples renewed their vows inside our unique wedding venue at the Lake of the Ozarks, and learn more about the Hope House of Miller County!

Loving Couples Help Local Food Banks

Camdenton, MO

At the Annual Renewal of Vows sponsored by Bridal Cave, KRMS and Lake 94

Rocks the lake, couples who renewed their vows donated non-perishable food

items and cash for the Eldon Food Pantry. In total three overflowing grocery carts

full of groceries and over $250 is cash were collected and delivered to the food

bank this week. Each year a food bank in the area is chosen as the recipient of the

donated food items. In the past food has been provided to charities in Camdenton,

Osage Beach and Greenview. These donated food items come in at a time when

food banks are hit especially hard after the holidays as donations drop off. Thanks

to all who pitched in to help out.

For more information on the Eldon Food Bank call 573-392-8380 For more information on Bridal Cave contact Steve at 573-346-2676

THANK YOU to Our Sponsors! 

Our sponsors help tremendously in making this event possible! A HUGE thank you to them!

  • Janie's Flowers 
  • Lindsey Webster's Photography 
  • The Butcher Shop 
  • 93.5 Rocks the Lake 
  • KRMS 
  • Old Kinderhook 
  • MaMa Cita's Mexican Restaurant
  • Tucker Shuckers

Make Plans to Attend Our Vow Renewals Next Year! 

If you didn't get to attend our vow renewals this year, you will have another opportunity next year! We host our vow renewal ceremonies every year on the Sunday before Valentine's Day. You won't want to miss this spectacular event and if you attended our ceremony this year, we encourage you to come back next year too. We have plenty of couples that come back year after year and we love seeing familiar faces.

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