Top Educational and FUN Field Trip Destination in Mid-Missouri!

Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountian Park is both FUN and educational! That's what makes our attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks the perfect destination for school field trips. During our field trips, our knowledgeable guides take school kids on an adventure in learning all about the history, geology, and biology of our unique ecosystem. Each spring we take thousands of children of all ages on an exciting trip they'll never forget. Learn more about our educational field trips below!

Discovery Tour 

2 Hours, 2 Caves, 2 Classrooms & a FREE Flashlight

Our Discovery Tour is our most popular choice for school field trips. The Discovery Tour includes the historic Bridal Cave tour with a 1/2 mile nature walk with two outdoor classrooms and a SPECIAL flashlight tour of Bear Cave. Each child receives a souvenir flashlight they get to take home.

Part One – Outdoor Classrooms

Your program will begin with a one half mile walk through the Northern slopes of Thunder Mountain Park. Two outdoor classrooms will be encountered along the Trail utilizing hands-on learning exercises. Each portion is designed to aid the student in grasping the fundamentals of cave geology and man’s relationship to his environment.

Part Two – Flashlight Tour of Bear Cave

Bear Cave has been left in its natural state to allow the participant to gain an awareness of this precious natural resource. Because of Missouri’s great abundance of caves, this portion of the program will concentrate on caving safety techniques and creating an appreciation for this delicate eco-system found only in the Ozarks. Each participant receives a souvenir flashlight to take home.

Part Three – Bridal Cave

Your program will conclude with a special interpretive tour of world famous Bridal Cave. Here your guide will tie together all of the experiences your students have received during the earlier segments of the field trip. How and why Missouri is known as the “Cave State” is just one of the topics covered.

Even more FUN!

Gemstone Mining

Add this to any reserved tour for just $5 per person. Each student is provided a bag of mining rough and gets to pan for minerals. Find such semi-precious minerals as Emeralds, Fools Gold, Amethyst, Garnets & Sapphires. Each student gets to keep all the treasures they find as a special souvenir from Bridal Cave. 

Lakeside Pavilion Lunch

If you plan to visit us around lunchtime, we also have a lakeside picnic pavilion with seating for 80 is available. It overlooks the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, perfect for a quick lunch or snack break before you head back to school.


2 Hour Discovery Tour 

Adults (13 & up) $18.00
Children $9.00

1 Hour Cave Tour 

Adults (13 & up) $15.00
Children $7.50
Special Elementary School Rate $5.00

This pricing is for the tour of Bridal Cave ONLY and does not include outdoor classrooms, nature trail, and tour of Bear Cave.  

Book Your Field Trip to Bridal Cave! 

If you are a teacher or administrator looking for an educational field trip in Mid-Missouri for your students, call us to book your field trip! A field trip to Bridal Cave that is both exciting and educational is an experience your group will always remember. Call us at 573-346-2676 or book your field trip online HERE

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