What Mom's Really Want for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day's is this weekend and many of you are probably wondering what to get Mom for Mother's Day. Presents are nice but Mom would really like to just spend time with her children. What better way to spend the day with Mom than with a day in nature with the family at Lake of the Ozarks best outdoor attraction. Let's face it, Mom does a lot for the entire family and she deserves a day dedicated to her! Today, Bridal Cave would like to feature how to treat Mom to the best Mother's Day possible!

Make Her Breakfast! 

Start the day by making her breakfast. Breakfast in bed is nice, but you should let her sleep as long as possible. So maybe skip breakfast in bed this year and have a nice breakfast at the table with the whole family! She will appreciate the effort you put into making breakfast but if you wake her up, she may not appreciate it as much as you hoped... For the Moms with little children, let the kids help make breakfast but be sure that another adult helps so she's not stuck eating burnt toast! Pro tip: If you are really out to impress Mom this year, make sure to clean up your mess in the kitchen. Breakfast is great, but what Mom really wants is to not lift a finger all day! 

An Afternoon With Family

After you've cleaned up breakfast and gave Mom a relaxing morning, why not take the entire family out for an afternoon in nature. She will love spending the day enjoying time with her family. When you take her to the best natural attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks, you will find plenty to do for the whole family to enjoy. Take a walk through the woods on our gorgeous nature trail. After you are done, cool off by taking a tour in our Missouri Show Cave. Our cave is a constant 60 degrees and will feel great after a hike through the woods! Enjoy your journey through Bridal Cave as one of our tour guides takes your family through room after room of incredible mineral deposits. Giant columns, delicate soda straws, and massive draperies abound throughout the cave. The best part of our tour is the kids will LOVE the cave and Mom can relax as they enjoy listening to the tour guide and taking in the beauty of Bridal Cave.

Unique Gifts For Mom 

After Mom has enjoyed the afternoon with her kids, if you still feel like getting her a gift,  Bridal Cave has the largest rock and mineral shop at the Lake of the Ozarks. You can find all kinds of great gifts that Mom will love! From gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets you are bound to find something perfect in our rock shop! We have a lot of more in our rock shop but you will have to stop in to see what other unique finds we have. 

Make Mother's Day all about treating Mom this year! She deserves a day that is all about her because she works hard to make everyone happy all year. Extravagant gifts are nice, but what Mom really wants is a relaxing day to enjoy with her children. The gifts you buy her will soon be forgotten about in years to come but the memories she makes with her children will last a lifetime. Bridal Cave and our entire staff hope all the Moms have a great Mother's Day and we hope to see some of you enjoying time with your children with us this Sunday! 

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