Reserve Your Spot for Our 70th Anniversary Employee Reunion!

Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park is getting excited to celebrate our 70th year in business! All those years ago when we opened for business we had no idea millions of people would get to see Bridal Cave, now one of Americas most scenic cave tours! Our past and present employees have helped Bridal Cave grow tremendously and become the longest continuously operating family attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks! As many of you already know, Bridal Cave will be hosting an Employee Reunion to celebrate our 70th year in business!

Make a Reservation Today!

We are less than one month away from our 70th-anniversary Employee Reunion on Saturday, April 14, 2018. We will have complimentary cave tours from 9am to 5pm for all past and present employees. That evening beginning at 6pm, we will start the employee social. We have lots planned for you, but we need to know just how many are coming. To make reservations for the 70th-anniversary employee social please call 573-346-2676 from 9am to 5pm to get on the list. We are busy preparing for the event and the entire staff is excited to meet all of you past employees. There will be food, entertainment, lots of historic photos and lots of good stories. We even have a few surprises up our sleeve. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience…make your reservations today!

More the Merrier!

Please help us by getting the word out! The entire staff is excited to get to meet all the employees from the past. The staff is working hard to make this event one to remember! That’s why we want as many past employees to come to our reunion as possible. If you know anyone that has worked at Bridal Cave, please let them know about this once in a lifetime experience! We are looking forward to visiting with everyone and the more past employees that are able to attend our reunion the better!

We will be on the edge of our seats as the 70th anniversary and Employee Reunion gets closer and closer! We want as many past employees to come as possible but please don’t forget to call and let us know that you will be attending this event! We have a lot planned, so we need to know exactly how much food and supplies we need to ensure this once in a lifetime event is a huge success! To make your reservation please call 573-346-2676 anytime from 9am to 5pm. See you April 14th!

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