Enjoy Some Bridal Cave Fun Online

We realize that not everyone is lucky enough to live right next to our mid-Missouri family fun attraction year-round. If you're far away but still longing for Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park, you can have some fun on our website! As a matter of fact, you'll even learn a thing or two while you're there. 

Look Inside
When you visit www.BridalCave.com, you'll find a lot more than a couple of photos and directions to the park. There are many cool pages to explore. Under the "Look Inside" tab, you can see an entire gallery of photos from inside the cave. You can also take a 360° virtual tour of one of the cave rooms.

You'll even find some information about the history of this natural wonder. Just in case you forgot the story, you can read "The Legend of Bridal Cave" on these pages. Our on-site weather station can be found online 24/7 so that you can prepare for the weather on your next visit, or simply see what it's like here compared to where you are at.   

Kids Only
Our website also has a special section especially for children, but grown-ups can learn a thing or two along with the kids. The pages in this section are educational, but the subject matter is so much fun, kids don't even realize that they are learning! This is a great place to check out before you visit Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park to see what you'll be getting into. It's also perfect for reading after you leave, in case you want to expand on subjects you heard about during your tour. 

The subject matter covers what caves are, the natural things that are found inside of caves, and the geologist that study them. There's also a great story from "Max the Bat" that teaches kids that bats aren't scary, but cool. Cave safety is covered, and you'll even find a fun hands-on project to try at home. It all wraps up with a simple quiz. Here is a part of that quiz. Think you know the answers? If not, they can be found within the stories on the "Kids Only" pages. (And at the end of this blog.) 

1. Organic debris is...
a) An alternative rock band from Seattle Washington.
b) Material that came from living things.
c) A rock deposit in a cave.

2. Molds and bacteria are...

a) The bodily wastes of bats and crickets.
b) The secret ingredient of most snack cakes.
c) A simple form of life.

3. Carbonic acid is...
a) The type of rock that most caves are found in.
b) A weak acid in ground water that over time can create caves.
c) The lead singer from the Organic Debris.

4. Fossils are...
a) A common name for parents.
b) Tennis shoes designed for very old basketball players
c) The evidence of past life.

5. Columns are...
a) A simple plant found in caves.
b) A cave deposit formed when a stalactite and a stalagmite grow together.
c) An acid found in vinegar.

Blogs & Social Media
Following Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park on your favorite social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn) is a great way to keep up-to-date on all of the cool things happening at our scenic Lake of the Ozarks attraction while you're away.

We publish a new blog every week, which you can find links to on our social media channels or directly from the website. We cover all kinds of fun subjects in depth, such as lake area history, life inside the cave, local events and family-fun attractions, and so much more. There's always a great story to be found around here!  

So, until you can make your way back out to visit us at Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park, check us out online. It's a wonderful way to take the excitement of the cave home with you, and share a little Family Fun... As It Should Be!

Quiz Answers
1-B, 2-C, 3-B, 4-C, 5-B 

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