An Award-Winning Science Project Conducted Inside Bridal Cave

Recently one of our staff members, River Wise, conducted a science project that we featured in our blog about The First Ever Biological Inventory of Bridal Cave. We weren't the only ones that found this to be an intriguing subject. River was recognized for his outstanding study of our popular Lake of the Ozarks scenic attraction with an impressive award! 

The project was titled "Biological Inventory of the Invertebrate Fauna of Bridal Cave." The Science Research Class at Camdenton High School, where River attends as a junior, had been discussing the fact that a biological inventory would be an interesting subject. River immediately thought of us as the perfect place for this class project to happen. 

Ten invertebrate were found as well as an invasive species, Oxidus gracillis, more commonly know as the Greenhouse Millipede. In the previous blog published last November, we shared a few photos of some of the other creatures that were discovered.  

photo from Wikipedia 
These findings were presented in detail at the Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO this past April 4-6, 2017. Over 20 projects in a variety of categories in the Senior Division were represented. There were three in the zoology division.       

We are extremely proud to announce that River won second place in the competition in the zoology division. His efforts were very impressive and the findings are incredibly exciting. We are looking forward to getting a closer look at the final study to learn all about the diverse biology that exists in the unique ecosystem inside Bridal Cave. 

River's award-winning science project inside Bridal Cave.
River is the son of Jamie Reid, a tour supervisor here at Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park. Please join all of us in congratulating River on this impressive accomplishment. Be sure to ask him plenty of questions about the amazing creatures he discovered inside America's most scenic cave tour if you happen to run into him this summer!  

One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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