Calling All Rock Hounds... The NEW Sluice Has Arrived!

If you have already visited our scenic family attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks, you saw a great big contraption next to the front door of the gift shop entrance. That was our sluice, which over one half million Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park guests enjoyed for the past 10 years. We say "was" because it is no longer there. Not to worry, though, because we've replaced this visitor favorite with an even bigger, even better sluice. 

What is a sluice?
Just in case you aren't familiar with what we are talking about, here is an explanation. A sluice is a water channel that is controlled at the head by a gate. When the gate is lifted, water flows from a tower through the sluice. Guests are invited to dump a sluice bag full of sand (and more) into the channel of clear, pristine water and pan for the gemstones which are hidden within the sand.      

Bigger and Better
This week, the crew of Sandy Creek Mining Company from Fostoria, Ohio delivered and installed our brand new, custom built sluice. Sandy Creek Mining Company is the premier sluice manufacturer in America, and they have installations at 450 locations in 20 countries around the world. 

Our new sluice is double in size of the old one we replaced. Now even more visitors can simultaneously enjoy the thrill of discovering the surprises waiting inside the sluice bags. With all of the additional spots available on our new sluice, there will be a lot less waiting around for a turn. 

New Sluice Bags Too
Over the past decade, Bridal Cave guests have enjoyed finding unique gemstones to take home from panning in our sluice. We will still have the usual selection of dazzling gemstone bags this season: Paydirt, Lucky Strike, and Emerald Bags. This year, though, we've added two more exciting choices. 

The first of these is Fossil  Bags, and our other new addition is called The Motherlode. The latter is a family-sized bag which includes all of the minerals and fossils that the other bags contain, but the Motherlode also has a large show piece specimen inside. This is sure to please any avid rock hound!  

What will YOU discover? 
You can join us at our exciting attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks right now and start panning for treasures. A special thanks goes out to the crew of Sandy Creek Mining Company for this new and improved addition to the park, and also to Catalyst Electric for installing the power to make it all work. The sluice is just one more reason among many that a visit to Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park is Family Fun... As It Should Be!!!     

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