BRAND NEW - Season Passes For Bridal Cave!

One trip through our scenic Lake of the Ozarks attraction simply isn't enough! Visitors are always asking us if they can purchase a season pass to Bridal Cave so that they can come back throughout the year. We love making people happy, so season passes are now available! 

It's inexpensive to upgrade.
A tour of Bridal Cave currently costs $18 for adults, $9 for ages 5-12, and children ages 4 and under may enter for free. If you have an amazing time and want to come back for more, turning your entry ticket into a season pass is easy and extremely inexpensive. 

For only $5, you can upgrade your one-time admission ticket into a season pass that will allow you to come back as many times as you like for an entire year! These season passes are good for one year from the date of purchase, and the number of tours you may take within that year are unlimited. They are not transferable, and we will ask for a photo ID when you use it. 

Why come back? 
If you live in the lake area, own a second home here, or regularly travel through the Lake of the Ozarks, a season pass is perfect for you. There are most likely plenty of days throughout the year that you want to do something fun, but don't feel like spending a lot of money. With a season pass, enjoying one of America's most scenic cave tours is always an option. 

When the kids aren't in school, a visit to Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park is a great way to spend an afternoon and burn off some of that energy young people always seem to have. Pack a picnic to share in our lake view pavilion, head to the dock and feed the fish, and make an entire day of fun out of the trip. 

If you entertain guests from out of town often, bringing them here is a wonderful way to entertain them, and it will only cost you the price of their ticket. Exploring the beauty of Thunder Mountain Park in every changing season is amazing. With a season pass, you can swing into the cave each time you are here and enjoy the cave adventure in addition to your nature walk. 

See you soon... again & again!  
Now that we are offering season passes to Bridal Cave, we expect to see more of you many times throughout the year. Do you know a nature lover that would appreciate this deal? Season passes to the best family attraction at the Lake of the Ozarks make an excellent gift! Now is the time to explore family fun... as it should be... any time and as many times as you like.   

One of America's most scenic 
cave tours.

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