Experiencing Nature Can Improve Your Brain

Touring Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park is fun, improves your brain, and makes you better looking! Well, we exaggerated that "good-looking" part, but the other two are really true. Scientists have performed research to prove the benefits of enjoying the outdoors, and the results are extremely favorable. Here are a few ways that you can benefit from a visit to our Lake of the Ozarks scenic attraction

Nature Is Good For You, Naturally
People today spend a lot of time rushing here and there, worrying and stressing over every little detail of their day-to-day existence. A lot of time is spent in front of one type of screen or another (phone, tablet, computer, television, etc...) as much as 12 hours every single day! The more time you spend like that, the more likely you are to be worn out and overwhelmed. Getting outside and away from all of that stuff is good for both your body and your mind. 

Improved Mental Health
After studying the brain activity, heart rates, and many other factors of people that spent a good amount of time outdoors, some interesting things were discovered. Something about the serenity of nature caused people to slow down and pay more attention to what was going on in that moment rather than focusing on future events and tasks to be done. 

One study discovered that natural settings fired up opioid receptors connected to the brain's dopamine reward system. This causes a reduction in stress, which also increases a person's feelings of empathy, and can even aid in concentration, creativity, and problem solving skills.  

Improved Physical Health
Less stress is always a good thing for a body, allowing it to relax, and often decreasing blood pressure. Another study found that even a good view of nature through a window caused patients to recover faster, have fewer complications after surgery, and need less pain medication.

Hiking a trail in the park or touring an underground cave is not only relaxing, but it's also great exercise. Any exercise is always a good thing for improving your physical health. 

Improved Levels Of Fun!
The fresh air paired with the beautiful things that you can see and discover when you take yourself outside is a great reason to do it. Once you are out there, there are all sorts of adventures just waiting to be discovered. 

Here at the Lake of the Ozarks, Bridal Cave offers you the chance to see breathtaking formations that have been building for hundreds to thousands of years. Our knowledgeable tour guides can even fill you in on all of the amazing history and details about life inside the cave walls. Thunder Mountain Park allows you to enjoy the beauty of the lake area, amazing and serene lake views, and excellent trails to explore.

What Are You Waiting For... Get Outside!
These simple facts are a wonderful reminder to make the effort to get outside and experience nature. You can read even more about this interesting subject in the USA Today article that inspired this blog - "Why parks matter: Nature improves your brain." 

Our suggestion, though, is to just do it! Get outside and experience all of the incredible benefits yourself, and share the awesomeness with everyone that you know! There is still plenty of time in the day to check your emails and text your friends, but take a little time away from that every day to get some fresh air. It's a great activity to do alone, or with a group, and it's a perfect type of family fun... the way it should be! 

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