It's a Great Time to Visit the Lake of the Ozarks

School is already in session in many areas, and everywhere else it is getting ready to start. If you prefer to avoid crowds, then now is the perfect time to visit the Lake of the Ozarks! The weather is great, all of the summer attractions are still open, but the bulk of the visitors to town are too busy during the week to make the trip here.

Fewer Crowds

Late summer all the way through fall at Bridal Cave & Thunder Mountain Park is an incredible time to experience the beauty of the lake area. There are plenty of nature trails to explore in the park, and you may even end up getting a private tour of Bridal Cave if you come at the right time! Guided tours leave every few minutes, and if you are the only people here, you'll get to see it all with your own personal tour guide. 

The Weather is Great

Temperatures remain warm so that you can still take advantage of all of the outdoor activities, and soon the leaves will be changing into a rainbow of colors on the trees. The view from Thunder Mountain Park's 80-foot observation tower offers a very unique perspective on the gorgeous season.   

The Water is Calm

With fewer people in town, that means the lake has less boats on it and the water is wide open. Getting out on the lake this time of year is a much calmer and more relaxing experience than it is mid-summer. When you are ready to hit dry land for a while, park at our docks and take a break with us.  

It's Romantic

Another bonus is that with all of the kids busy with school, this is an excellent time for a romantic getaway at the Lake of the Ozarks. Just imagine it - calm boat rides, romantic walks in the park, and lazy afternoon picnics. If you time it right, you can even take in a magnificent sunset over the lake. 

Early Christmas Shopping

If you happen to be one of those early Christmas shoppers, there is great shopping in the lake area. We've got an amazing assortment of rocks, minerals, and gemstones from around the world in our Bridal Cave gift shop, plus many other beautiful gift items. There are lots of unique and fascinating things for you to browse through that will be perfect for someone on your list. 

Visit Us Soon!

Don't forget that even when the temperature drops and it's cold outside, Bridal Cave is still an excellent place to spend an afternoon. The always 60° temperature inside the cave feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you have been trying to think of something exciting to do, make a trip to our scenic Lake of the Ozarks attraction your next adventure. 

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