The New Gardens at Thunder Mountain Park Are Complete!

A couple of month's ago we wrote about the beautiful new improvements that were in the works for Thunder Mountain Park this spring. Well, we did it! The brand new botanical gardens and waterfall at our Lake of the Ozarks natural attraction are amazing, and they are ready for you to come by and take a look. 

The beginnings of this new landscaping project started last October with the removal of old plants and some dirt work. This was all in preparation for the addition of a dazzling waterfall. This new park feature has been highly anticipated by our staff and the many park visitors that witnessed the work in progress. We are all so excited that the wait is finally over.  

A special thank you goes out to John and the entire team at Doctor's Lawn & Landscaping from Camdenton, MO. They designed and installed the new gardens at Thunder Mountain Park. The work this spring started with the crew bringing in new black soil, compost, and mulch to fill the newly constructed beds around the waterfall. 

A new underground irrigation system was also included in the renovations. There is now a relaxing, meandering stream flowing off of the natural rock bluff. Last, but not least, over 20 different blooming flowers and shrubs were planted. These will provide beautiful, fresh flowers from April through October. 

The waterfall and garden are a wonderful addition that compliments the already scenic lakeside pavilion. Just imagine what a marvelous, picturesque backdrop it will make for a wedding at the Lake of the Ozarks! 

The pictures here don't convey the absolute beauty of a trip through this area. We will be taking some professional photographs of the new garden area soon to share with everyone. Don't wait for that though. Pay our wonderful Lake of the Ozarks family attraction a visit soon and see it all with your own eyes. We try our best to make sure that each time you visit Bridal Cave and Thunder Mountain Park that you discover something new and exciting.  

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